Corrections - Park officials cut down tree in Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester

The previous article links and photographs were from the Pine Grove Cemetery in Hampton. The news story refers to the cemetery in Manchester. This is easily confused as Hampton sports the same cemetery name. The Hampton cemetery is quite older than the Manchester, Pine Grove Cemetery. The Manchester City Government website ( link may or may not be official city site.) has photos of Manchester's Pine Grove Cemetery online here. And actually, the Parks and Recreation and Cemetery dept. have email and contact information on the website which includes a customer satisfaction survey. The cemetery is not as old as the Hampton Pine Grove Cemetery, however, it does have burials of several former mayors and dates back to 1851. Find A Grave posts several famous politicians and former governor ( Cheney ) of New Hampshire buried here and more photos. This website links to another government link that indicates the following rules regarding Pine Grove Cemetery and other cemeteries in Manchester. I found the link and followed it to discover that a few rules were published regarding the cemeteries of the city . I did Notice the "...trees, shrubs...must not be disturbed." rule was posted on-line. I apologize to Hampton for the confusion. Manchester does have a nice website dedicated to genealogy. And in fact, there is also a blog entitled Cow Hampshire, dedicated to history, genealogy and humorous topics.

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