Controversial roadside crosses; religious symbols or symbol of death?

"...A federal appeals court is weighing Utah's use of crosses on roadside memorials honoring fallen highway patrol troopers, trying to decide if they are an endorsement of religion or a nonreligious, secular symbol of death.

A three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Monday in the case involving what the group American Atheists called "heroic-size" 12-foot-high crosses placed along state highways...."

"...Luke Goodrich, an attorney with The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, argued on behalf of Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas, which asked to argue because the case could affect memorials in their states. Goodrich asked the judges to decide the case not on the religiousness of crosses, but on whether the state provides a neutral forum for expression. A joint resolution by the Utah Legislature in 2006 declared the cross a nonreligious, secular symbol of death, Roberts said...."

This story appeared in headlines in several states. I would have never imagined that the cross was a mere symbol of death. Nevermind the foundations of the US based on religious freedom that primarily excludes itself from state affairs or when it does become inclusive, it is controversial. Now there is a judge deciding whether or not the cross is religious?

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