New Hampshire park officials raid historic cemetery for tree

This image is from the records of Lane Memorial Library - Pine Grove Cemetery.

Manchester, New Hampshire, Union Leader This is incredible that a cemetery created in 1654 could have the cities own parks dept. choose a tree from its grounds for the cities Christmas Tree! The parks employee was reprimanded, however, A Very Grave Matter also lists this cemetery in poor condition and posts this link from a local paper about Pine Grove Cemetery from 2003. The Hampton Historical Society provided a tour of the cemetery in 2003. At that time, the cemetery was said to be in good condition. The story also relates that an inventory of family names was taken by a Boy Scout, Joshua McDonald of Troop 177 in 1999. The library offers information about all of the New Hampshire cemeteries, including how to buy a booklet of the Pine Grove Cemetery. The website, A Very Grave Matter, also has a list of about 40 some odd photos of headstones. New Hampshire also has an Old Graveyard Association . I'm finding it hard to believe that this occured! Did I research the right cemetery? It is so incredible to believe that a park official would do such a thing, especially since the cemetery has been in and out of the internet news in the last few years.

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Bill Teschek said...

This happened at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Manchester, N.H., NOT the Pine Grove Cemetery in Hampton, N.H., to which most of your links apply.