StonMor acquires more cemeteries

I had no idea that there was this much money in cemetery ownership. $68 Million dollars worth!???!!! StoneMor recently bought several cemeteries in the following US States and Puerto Rico:Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, Oregon, Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Washington, Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia. This aquisition does not include cemeteries that StonMor owned prior to this purchase. A recent visit to the StoneMor website did not reveal the cemetery locations or specific ownership, however, there was a search tool that may reveal more information. I did not find it helpful in finding specific cemeteries that StoneMor owns. Read this for more. In 2006 an article stated that StoneMor owned over 136 cemeteries primarily on the East Coast. "In 2006, these properties generated over $44 million in revenues, which is in excess of 35% of StoneMor's 2006 consolidated revenues, and this proposed acquisition, which is the largest since StoneMor went public, will bring the total number of properties owned or managed to 281, a 37% increase." and "In 2005, these locations produced annual cemetery revenues of approximately $9.9 million and annual funeral home revenues of approximately $6.1 million." From the StoneMor website, they now claim over 223 cemeteries and 57 funeral homes in 27 states and Puerto Rico.

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