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I've attempted to use the Topica search box on the message mailing list several times to no avail. It seems that Topica works only when it wants to and the search feature does not work at all. Have no fear Google Search is here, however, Topica does not format their page titles to the name of this list. All of the pages searched will have the title "Topica Email List" and will NOT allow for search for the date of the post to the list i.e "04/01/08". I attempted to solve that issue with a message text of all dates in that format, where Google did not find that page either. It appears that even after adding the page to the Custom Google search that Topica possibly is not allowing Google to search or view the page *it does not exist* even after a link to the page was added to the Customized Google Search Engine. Google Custom Search cannot find the word "Google" on the mailing list!

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