New York and Texas Cemetery Preservation

Reflections and personal thoughts upon Shirley's article and the types of cemeteries found in cemetery research.

Types of cemeteries:

1. Church Cemeteries
2. Public Cemeteries
3. National (Arlington National Cemetery)
4. State
5. City
6. Township
7. Village
8. Private
9. Memorial Parks - private corporations protect these cemeteries, however, sometimes these organizations become corrupt, and the cemeteries fall into disrepair inspite of their affiliations.

I wonder what becomes of a cemetery affiliated with a church after the church is no longer operational? There is one such historical church in New York that began as a German Catholic congregation. Did this German Catholic church maintain a cemetery? If so is the cemetery maintained? If the local, state and National Heritage Register have recognized the church for its age and architecture, is the cemetery maintained as part of the registered site? Is it maintained even when the church is now being used for some other purpose?

St. Mary of Sorrows - Erie County, New York Preservation

This website states a clear purpose with additional bylaws and a page description of how to join their organization.

It also makes references to how to stop a demolition, including a link to petitions. Here are the search results for "cemetery" no quotes. Search cemetery.

In Texas a cemetery has gained the attention of author, China Galland. Love Cemetery, Unburying the Secret History of Slaves. Love's decendants are having problems accessing the cemetery, even though Texas state laws are in place to grant access.
"Preservation experts say the problem is common for the state's ( Texas ) 50,000 cemeteries and burial grounds. Even though Texas law tells property owners to allow access to graves, it doesn't set penalties for violations." -- Dallas Morning News, Dec. 9, 2007

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