Central Georgia, Bibb County

A cemetery in Bibb county, Georgia is facing development. The cemetery happens to be over 125 years old and is being side stepped for a Wal Mart. A court hearing is scheduled in January 2008 to discuss the cemeteries. Evidently, this 125 year old cemetery is not the only cemetery in the bulldozers path on the property being developed. I don't know how many of these cemeteries have been transcribed at RootsWeb. Here is a link to the Georgia Bibb County RootsWeb site. From Rootsweb the origins of Bibb county.
Bibb County, Georgia was created in 1822 and named after William Wyatt Bibb
Bibb served as a member of the Georgia state house of representatives;
a Senator from Georgia;
Governor of Alabama Territory; Governor of Alabama.
Bibb County, AL is also named for him.
The parent counties from which Bibb
County was organized from were Jones, Monroe, Twiggs
and Houston. U.S. Census
reports are available for this county from 1820 to 1930. The county
seat is Macon.

And so we go to Alabama and read at Rootsweb the history of Bibb county, Alabama.

On Feb 7, 1818, Cahawba County was created from Monroe County
by the Alabama Territorial legislature. The name was changed to Bibb
County on December 4, 1820 to honor the first governor of Alabama,
William Wyatt Bibb. In 1992, the population was 17,175 in a land area
of 625 square miles
an average of 27.6 people per square mile. The county
seat is locate
at Centreville.

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